Stories and Scottishmomus’ wonderful poetry. Two of my favourite things – and perfect for a snowy April afternoon.


the stories that need telling fall clumsily

on trails where tributes lie in winding lanes

on cobbled streets of needle-darkened alleys

in shop doorways where sad stories lurch in pain

the stories to remember stumble onwards

resistance plied while truths they serve to give

truths that need the hearing and the telling

giving voice to thoughts of those who barely live

the stories that need telling cause much grieving

these stories they are mourned while others dance

on bloodied, bended knees scarred stories whimper

begging, fighting, pleading, one more chance

the stories we’ve forgotten haunt our dreamscapes

filling us with fear that those we love could be

a story on the corner there but for graces

someone’s child or parent, you or me

the stories sprawled on walls are unenchanting

apoetic in their prose and permanence

these monuments that matter, disassembled

the humblest stories lost to prominence

unhinged of wing they travel like their namesake

foiled phoenix burnt to ashes must reform

soul stories scattered, littered, on rough pavements

barred temples to the place where freedom’s…

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8 comments on “Stories

  1. Many thanks, Cole.x
    I feel for you with snow in April! Hope you’re all settled now in your new place.x

    • colemining says:

      Getting there, A-M. Slowly, but getting there. Still too many boxes to unpack, but hoping the weekend brings some further structure to the chaos… 🙂 Thanks for talking about the importance of stories- and the ongoing need for storytelling. Needed that message this week. xo

      • Just back from Dublin when I wrote that, Cole. Quite the mix of stories there, as in all cities, I guess. An enjoyable but emotionally charged experience.
        Good luck with the emptying of boxes – it’s a mammoth task. Are you a blaster or a bit by bit? I was attempting to clear out files and boxes of school work yesterday – did not too badly, lost enthusiasm and shoved the rest back. I found myself apologising to trees everywhere about the enormous recycling pile of paper and I’m not even to blame for half of it. Schools surely love their handouts!
        Hope you have a great weekend, Cole, and don’t spend all of it sorting through. x

      • colemining says:

        A-M- one of my best buds is on her way to Dublin next week (after a visit to your neck of the woods for a family wedding)- and I’m incredibly jealous (on both counts). I could use a good infusion of stories right about now.

        ‘Mammoth’ is the word, to be sure. Getting there- although I’m beginning to fear that I underestimated the number of places available for things to live. I certainly misremembered the amount of stuff that needs placing… As much as I thought I was a blaster, the reality of this move is making me more inclined to the bit by bit approach. A whole lot of memories are caught up in a lot of the things being unpacked- so breaks are a definite requirement.

        Last night I found the portrait photos of the lovely couple who raised my Mum (my Irish Nana and her husband)- sepia-toned, with just the slightest bit of red tingeing her hair, in wonderful arched frames. Haven’t seen those in a number of years. They will hang out in my study- alongside the Charles Rennie Mackintosh pieces I picked up while in Glasgow (and took in to be framed just yesterday, as a matter of fact).

        I’m off to see a band with the lad and some mates tonight, so there will be at least that as a interlude in all the sorting through. And the Jays are playing at home all weekend, so there will be pauses to catch the games. Hoping their return will hasten the arrival of spring-proper in these parts. There was more snow on the ground when I woke up this morning. NOT impressed.

        Hope your weekend is restful- and not caught up in your own clearing out. Back to school on Monday? xo

      • A week today, Cole. We had the Easter weekend then back to school for four days then Spring break. They’ve buggered about with the holidays just to confuse us, I think. Thoroughly enjoying being off although I’m trying to catch up on neglected household duties. Some sunshine through the windows makes everything look grubby. No wonder Spring cleaning was invented! Either that or I’m just a clatty git. :/
        I know what you mean about the necessary breaks when it comes to sorting through the items rich with memories. I still have a lot of my mum’s stuff in my cellar that I just can’t go through.
        I’m glad you’re taking it bit by bit. Blasting’s all very well then you end up shattered. Hope your guys won. Have a great week. Snow-free, I hope. 🙂 x

      • colemining says:

        Well it’s (finally) a beautiful morning hereabouts- the sun is shining, and the forecast has the temps going up to 20 by early next week, so I just might survive.

        We moved Dad’s collection of Inuit art yesterday- that was rather poignant- which marks the end of the furniture moving for the foreseeable. All the rest of the boxes of photos and documents have been socked away- I will deal with them when I’ve had a bit of a break. Can’t face all the memories at the mo’.

        Hope the back-to-work transition is going okay. Thanks for checking in. xo

  2. bethbyrnes says:

    It is always a double-edged sword, moving. I have done a lot of it and like staying put for at least a decade or two now. Cannot see myself moving on for awhile. I know that is not what this is all about, here, but you reminded me of it.

    Stories indeed. I have an historical novel in progress (since 2000, lol) but find myself telling true stories, easily and therapeutically. Got to rush over and read Anne-Marie’s latest. We have guests and I finally have a chance to be to myself for a bit.

    Always think of you, Cole, with affection.

    • colemining says:

      What a lovely message, Beth. Thinking of you, with affection, as well.

      Although I rarely use the word ‘never’, I can honestly say that I am never moving again. If I can help it, of course. Yikes. Sooooo much stuff. It’s not helping that a lot of it is from Dad’s, so sorting through those things are a somewhat emotionally tricky. But all will be (eventually) set to order- and it’s lovely to see some ‘old friends’ that have been absent for years (or, in some rare cases, decades) as the boxes are opened. I have too many books (surprised to hear myself say that, tbh)- so there will be some ‘editing’ as they are sorted, according to category.

      My historical novel(s) seem(s) destined to to be ‘in progress’ ad infinitum. But important stories do, somehow, manage to get told.

      Hope you have a lovely weekend. xo

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