Everybody has one…

Heavy thoughts on a gorgeous Friday…

It’s been another one of those weeks. Too many things challenging each other for head space for any really coherent insights to take hold and stick around.

My lovely friend Beth started a wonderful discussion this morning over at her blog (go have a look- it’s a great essay https://byrnesbeth.wordpress.com/2015/05/01/psychd/ on the value of perspective and education and lots of other important things…) that has me revisiting some ideas- and some older thoughts I put together and shared ’round these parts.

This was one of the earliest little bits o’something I posted here at colemining. Change up the specifics of the media coverage, and it’s, perhaps, even more applicable today- in light of this week’s events.

The weather is (finally) wonderful here in TO. I have plans to see some super heroes with some super friends. I’m trying hard not to let the evident awareness that we are continuing to choose to leap to conclusions without any examination of fact, or underlying causality, or endemic injustice, lead to irrecoverable despair/apathy.

Same windmills, two plus years on. Hoping to find the wherewithal to keep on tilting.


Once upon a time there were commentators- people who were paid to explain and offer opinions on newsworthy topics of concern.  They were clearly identified as opinions– and they provided credentials for analysis and acceptance (or rejection) by those reading or watching the editorial.  Last week there was a flood of (justified) criticism of many of the ‘news’ groups covering the trial of accused rapists in an Ohio town.  These commentaries on the commentaries (as opposed to news reporting) are still floating around the interworld, as well as the television, radio and print media.

Since we are losing connections to our myths- and myth making- the dramas of tragic events are being further dramatized- with commentary- and it frightens me a great deal.  People in power- be they politicians, business leaders, religious leaders- have always used the media of the time as a means of control over the population…

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8 comments on “Everybody has one…

  1. bethbyrnes says:

    It seems embarrassingly self-serving to ‘like’ here. Thank you Cole, it is an honour to be mentioned and linked. These windmills as you so aptly characterise them are either exhausting or numbing or both. I am going to run over and refresh my memory of your previous post on this. Humbly grateful, BB hugs.

    • colemining says:

      Thank you for the inspiration (re-inspiration?). I’m hoping that some time with the Avengers today will offer up some optimism that all the tilting isn’t in vain. Outrageously funny super hero-types might improve my outlook somewhat. 🙂 xo

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  3. bethbyrnes says:

    Cole! We miss you. Come back soon. ❤

    • colemining says:

      Aw- Thank you, Beth. Missing you all too. Just back from the cottage- hoping to get some writing done asap. Thanks for thinking of me! xo

      • bethbyrnes says:

        Oh, good! LOL, I forgot about the cottage. Whew. I was a bit worried about you. Hope you had a lovely time. 😀

      • colemining says:

        Aren’t you sweet for worrying. Was just a long weekend at the cottage- quite relaxing. We’ll see if it helps in the battery-recharge-department. Haven’t been having much luck getting any writing done, lately. But there is some leisure time up-coming, so perhaps that will help. All the mundane composing I’m responsible for at work is leaving me a little less than inclined to sit at the laptop once I get home. Have to work on changing that asap. Back to it tomorrow- right now I’m exhausted from scratching a million mosquito bites and, I’ll admit, a wee bit sunburned (not sure what happened- I’m usually SO careful with the SPF 60+), so I’ll be hitting the hay shortly. xo

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