‘Look Skyward, Moron’

Going to see these guys live tonight! So good to have them all home! Looking forward to seeing some great comedy with some lovely friends/family (including my fave Girl Drink Drunk). Happy Saturday, indeed.


It’s not enough that the Shuffle Daemon is predicting the weather and sensing my mood, now the television is starting to read my mind…

Last evening I turned on the free preview of Comedy Gold (aka the Wings Channel- it seriously showed nothing but Wings for three straight days over the holiday weekend.  What programmer anywhere thought THAT was a good idea?) just in time to catch a Viewer Discretion advisory.  The tv guide said that an episode of Kids in the Hall was up next.

I love Kids in the Hall.

As the warning was being recited (those Kids- gotta watch out for the ‘Adult Content’, tsk tsk tsk), ‘I’ve lost my Indian drum’ popped into my head.  So, of course, this was the first sketch:

Man, how I love the Kids.  And, for some reason that sketch- from their first season- tickles my funny bone in a…

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6 comments on “‘Look Skyward, Moron’

  1. bethbyrnes says:

    I confess, Cole, I am not familiar with the Kids in the Hall (or have forgotten, lol!). Have fun, it does sound like the idea Saturday. (And, having reblogged something myself this morning and turning it into a bit of a mess, I never know where I am supposed to comment — on the reblog or the original…oh well…). Hugs

    • colemining says:

      I know- it’s always tricky with the reblog- and that seems to be all I’ve done lately. I did love yours about the Jersey Shore- makes me feel like I need to pay a visit. NYC might be in our traveling future this summer- although DC might be likelier- but might have to visit the Shore if we do end up in Manhattan. Happy Saturday! xo

      • bethbyrnes says:

        Oh, DC would be grand. Then you can do a post on it! Just remember, summers in DC are very, very sultry and be prepared to swelter and take multiple showers. 😀 I love that town though. Happy Saturday back atcha! xo

      • colemining says:

        Haven’t been in years- and I feel like it’s past time I explored the Smithsonian. We have friends there who have invited us to a BBQ- and it’s a fairly quick hop on Porter… we’ll see how the plans pan out.

    • colemining says:

      The show ended with some solid head crushing, Booksy. So much fun! They were in fine form. Walked out with sore abs from all the laughing.

      Nice to hear from you- we have to catch up! How’s the job/search going?

      Thanks for popping by! xo

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