“Moss grows fat… but that’s not how it used to be” – Part 1

I’m trying reallyreally hard to get down some thoughts about something sort of different, but recent events seem to be conspiring to remind me of this post (and its sequel, that I’ll repost shortly) I wrote quite some time ago.

The magazine in question is, itself, in the news again- for reasons that beggar belief. But I stand by the defence (if it can be named as such) that is included here.

The subject of that article was just found guilty of all 30 counts against him. Which makes an examination of the causes of his radicalization more important, not less.

And that song that provided the title? That’s been on my mind- and in the press- as well. So maybe I’m not thinking different thoughts after all.

Interesting the ways in which things just connect


Image result for stone moss stock

I wasn’t going to weigh in on this.

Because (and the list is nowhere near exhaustive):

1) This blog is supposed to be about myth and music and the good stuff that we have to teach each other- and how these things permeate and enrich our world cultures.

2) I’m not from Boston, so I can’t really comprehend the pain in the city and the rawness of the feelings of violation and horror stemming from the act of terror that occurred at an event as historical and important to its identity as the Marathon

3) I don’t personally know anyone whose life was forever altered by the (alleged) heinous actions of the accused and his brother (although I do empathize with the depth of their loss and with the continuing struggles they will face as a result of this act of terror)

N.B.- I use the qualifier ‘alleged’ only because the US justice system (in…

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