Required Reading

We started chatting about making cottage plans this week. Believe me- it’s a matter of maintaining sanity in the face of the insane cold we’ve been subjected to over the past little bit.

I started dreaming of lakes and docks and summer-y cocktails with a great book or 12, and remembered this post.

It’s in keeping, subject-wise, with some of the stuff I’ve been harping about lately, yet it is allowing me to recall last summer and permitting me to hope that the sun and warmth will return.

Have a great weekend! If you’re anywhere near this neck o’ the woods make sure to bundle up!


Every once in awhile I find myself missing university teaching.  I miss the students- wide-eyed and eager to learn, and the colleagues with whom I shared common interests and background.  I miss the discussions we had, and the ideas that they would bring to the table that would enhance and develop my own perceptions of our world.

But one of the things I miss most is the opportunity I had- every four months or so- to create a syllabus outlining the assignments and readings for the course.  In doing so, I got to share some of my favourite stories and concepts with my audience- and they actually HAD to read them (at least if they hoped to pass the course, they did).

I miss it partly because I genuinely LOVE sharing the wonderful contributions that have been made in understanding our humanity with my fellow humans, but also because sometimes…

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2 comments on “Required Reading

  1. I am also dreaming about summer, and the cottage. I have had a cold for almost a month, and I physically feel the need for warmth.

    I do hope you teach again one day…I truly do.

    • colemining says:

      Thanks, Booksy. Hard to know what the future holds, but I’m sure I’ll find some sort of lectern or other at some point to come.

      I spent most of last evening wrapped in a blanket after getting chilled standing in the snow and dampness waiting for the King streetcar for 1/2 hour. I. Am. Done. With. Winter.

      Hope you’re feeling better soon! These colds/viruses are hard to shake this year. Stay warm- summer will come. (Drop me a line and update me on the job sitch when you’re feeling up to it- hope there’s been some positive movement on that!) xo

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