I Can’t Even…

As I was cruising the interwebs this evening, I came across a YouTube clip in which a couple of creationist crazies discussed how dinosaurs fit into the ‘literal word of god’ that is the bible. I won’t even dignify it with a link. I’m sure you can find it, if you are so inclined.

It struck a chord- as such practiced and willful idiocy often does- even more so since our ‘mayor’ is back from rehab and, while denying certain members of the press access to his ‘glorious return’ is back on the campaign trail and still convinced that he might be re-elected. And the news shows at 6pm were talking to people who actually agree with him.

Over the weekend I happened upon a movie called ‘Idiocracy’. Hadn’t really heard of it before- it has something of a cult following, but it was hardly a blockbuster. Like my post a couple of weeks ago, in which I attempted to revivify Dr. Sagan’s concerns about the dumbing down of society, the movie warns of a dystopian future in which stupid is the norm.

Last week I had a chat with a friend who is reading Reza Aslan’s book and it called this post back to mind. So…. a little more reiteration of my point so I can get if off my chest, clear my head and move onto to some celebrating of our Nation’s birthday.

… And… release.


Generally, I try to refrain from too much name-calling.  I don’t think it accomplishes anything productive and it can disrupt attempts at meaningful dialogue and debate.


I mean, c’mon.  Just. COME. ON.

I don’t know whether to laugh hysterically or to dissolve into inconsolable sobbing.

At least six people have sent me links to a particular Fox News interview (this link also mentions Doctor Aslan’s later conversation with Piers Morgan and his embarrassment at having to repeatedly trot out his academic credentials).  In The Washington Post, Erik Wemple has kindly provided us with a transcript of the Fox debacle- in case you’d rather read than watch the cringe-worthy attempt at an interview- and the opinion that the idiots at Fox owe the Professor an apology.

I can’t even.


I briefly discussed the whole Jesus-as-Zealot issue a while back, and although I still lean to the side of history and scholarship that rejects the…

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