Proud- Part 2

Part 2- as the festivities ramp up even more, some further reflection on the irrationality of basing institutionalized prejudice and violation of human rights and equality in Bronze Age ideologies.


Continuing where we left off yesterday…

In case you missed it, or don’t want to read the whole of Part 1 (although I’d love it if you did), let me explain.  No, there is too much.  Let me sum up: (to steal a line from Inigo Montoya).

This week SCOTUS made landmark rulings, overturning Prop. 8 (which banned same-sex marriage in California) as unconstitutional and invalidated the provision of DOMA that prevented same-sex couples from accessing the same benefits available to heterosexual couples.

This is a GOOD thing.

As usual, and as noted by George Takei, the bible thumpers are out in force screaming about the whole thing- regardless of the fact that it affects the lives of heterosexuals in NO way, shape or form.

We talked briefly about the mythologies of Mesopotamia and Greece- two of the major cultures that influenced the development of biblical mythology- and found that…

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2 comments on “Proud- Part 2

  1. bethbyrnes says:

    I don’t know much on this topic and I am no Biblical scholar, so anything I am going to say here is purely instinct and an outcome of my general philosophy in life, of, live and let live unless someone is harming themselves or others. So, smoking would be in my cross-hairs while children living at home with their parents, so-called Boomerangers, for example, would not.

    Heterosexuality is statistically favoured, but then so is dark brown hair — that doesn’t make blonde hair bad. This topic has not affected me directly other than in terms of child welfare — there are good and bad parents of all stripes. There are children who have been raised by loving uncles and aunts and heterosexual couples who have abused children horribly.

    I think you lay out a sound case and I defer to your expertise when it comes to sacred texts.

    In a world where people (and other creatures) starve to death, or are stoned for religious reasons in ‘honour’ killings, or are mutilated, or enslaved, or sex-trafficked, that anyone wastes our judicial system to try to prevent us from enjoying whom we choose to love and live with, or whether we elect to use contraception or to have/not have children, or to withhold humanitarian aid from those who suffer, or to prevent open-minded people from even voting, for heaven sake, shows just how beknighted some of the populace still is, at least here in the lower 50, if not elsewhere.

    • colemining says:

      Beth- no surprise, but I’d have to agree that your instinctive reaction is bang on. I have no idea why this is an issue. NONE. No one who is ‘opposed’ to homosexuality- for whatever reason- has EVER been able to adequately defend their perspective, IMHO.

      To deny others basic human rights and equality under our legal systems is based in ignorance and blind hatred. Full stop.

      Fortunately things like the events happening in my hometown this week help to reinforce that strides have been- and continue to be- made in ensuring that all people are treated with equality of dignity and respect. We’re not there yet- no nation is- but with Canada Day on the horizon, I have to admit to a fair bit of pride in my home and native land.

      Thanks for reading- and for your thoughtful comment. xo

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