Cherchez la faim

Another insightful piece from Beth Byrnes regarding the demonizing (yes, I said ‘demonizing’) of the humanities as irrelevant in the ‘real world’.

Beth Byrnes

La-grosse-faim-de-Ptit-Bonhomme- There is so little time to do anything frivolous these days.  One thing I miss is listening to NPR.  When I visit my relatives in North Carolina, I stay with Annabelle’s parents, two college professors to whom I am related on my mother’s sixth grader waldorf illustration side. They have two big-screen TVs but those are disconnected most of the time and the elaborate gauntlet one has to traverse to get a decent program on is above my pay grade.  So I listen to WUNC and sometimes tune in to it here in LA via Pandora.  One of the interesting programs I heard was about this topic, which arrived in e-mail form yesterday.

Among many shocking facts is the one that only 1 in 4 Americans knows that the earth circles the sun, not the reverse. Yes, that’s right, in the richest, supposedly most exceptional country on earth, 25% of the people are…

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