Enough said?

I am feeling a bit like a neglectful parent right now.  Not only have I not had time to contribute anything of substance to this here blog of late, I totally spaced on the fact that I passed 5000 (!) views over the weekend.  While I realize that for some veteran bloggers out there my little 5000 hits may be nothing to write home about, I have to admit that I remain fairly staggered that so many kind peeps out there are willing to take the time to have a look at what I have to say.

This is a very nice thing.  And a very good feeling.

So I feel a fair bit of guilt for having left this here blog-baby to its own devices and for not acknowledging my appreciation to those of you who stop by for visits.  Please accept my belated gratitude and my apology for not addressing you sooner.

Time.  There doesn’t seem to be enough of it lately.  And we just lost an hour of it (sunlit evening time, at least) over the weekend.

It’s November.  The move is over (mostly- still some of things to get to storage and there are still a couple- okay, three– boxes that need unpacking at the new digs) and I’m settling into the new routine of the commute and all that jazz, so I should have a little free time, right?

Um.  Not so much.

The ongoing job search was on extended hiatus as I dealt with the imperatives of packing, lifting and unpacking boxes, so I’m trying to pick that back up in earnest (like the friend I wrote about here, I am finding myself increasingly demoralized by a toxic workplace and the ever-present feeling that I am spending most of my waking life contributing nothing of any value to the larger community- not good feelings to have) and get something happening that will allow me to better use my skills and depth of knowledge and interest in an appreciative setting.

A paycheque- however necessary and truly valued in these economic times- is just not enough for me.

And has anyone else been paying attention to what’s been going on here in Toronto?  Holy cats.  The Ford nonsense is out of freakin’ control.  I mean completely out of control.  I can’t even begin to explain how the recent events have messed with my psyche and increased the existential anxiety that has been building and building and building…

There IS, in fact, a video that is ‘consistent’ with the reports we all heard about (and that the late night talk show hosts had such fun with).  Yes.  That video that the mayor said didn’t exist.  Seems his good bud has been arrested for extortion for attempting to ‘recover’ the video from someone.  The Chief of Police of our fair town went so far as to call the situation ‘disappointing’ for the City and its citizens.

The hubris of this guy (the mayor, not Chief Blair) is incredible.  And the fact that he has a controlled media forum (in the form of his little radio show) every week in which to continue to spout sound bites and empty words makes me more than a little physically ill.  But what remains worse than all that is the fact that there are still SO MANY people out there that are leaping to his defence and maintaining that they will re-elect him because they believe the sound bites and the snappy one-liners one of his advisors has come up with him to repeat ad nauseum.  The lack of critical comprehension skills among the general population is dangerously out of control here in TO.

His ‘apology’ on said radio programme yesterday?  Even one of his ‘allies’ says it’s not enough.

I say, enough is enough.

 ‘Enough is enough I just can’t take it no more
Don’t take no time to explain,  I heard it all before’

(Toronto- cheesy-but-classic blast from our local past.  Gotta love a band that loves its hometown so much they take it as their name.  Wonder what Holly and the lads are thinking about our current sitch…)

And then there’s the Senate thing.  And the Prime Minister.  And his Office.  Dismissing the Senators in question would provide the Harper government with something of an easy out- since, given the complete lack of collective attention span this nation seems to have, dismissal might well mean that the systemic issues might not end up being fully addressed when the fall-guys are taken out and figuratively shot for their misconduct (don’t get me wrong- any misuse of public funds is a badbadbad thing in my view- I’m just sick of the tendency of this government to expedite dismissals and attempt to sweep everything under the national rug- it must be VERY dusty under there- by using backhanded deals and prorogation of Parliament and stuff like that).

It does seem as though the PM has forgotten that two of the Senators in question also happen to be journalists (and not of the type that just stand and shout the same question over and over and over again thinking that repetition and volume will eventually garner a response.  Honestly, what ARE they teaching in J-Schools these days?) and likely already have their respective responses and the actual circumstances of the entirety of the alleged malfeasance recorded for posterity and sold to the highest bidder, simply awaiting the best opportunity to present the public with their side of things.  And the third guy doesn’t strike me as all that inclined to go down as someone’s scapegoat, either.

I’m thinking that the PM and the PMO are unlikely to come out of such offerings looking all that shiny.  Especially since Harper seems to be getting pretty damn good at the under-the-bus-toss.

Wrongdoing should absolutely be punished.  But that punishment must include all those who may have some level of complicity- in the wrong itself or in the attempt to cover-up the wrong.  Political manoeuvering in an attempt to remove any residual scent of connection?  Not enough.

‘There’s nothing you can say, 
Nothing you can do, 
Nothing in between, 
You know the truth, 

It’s not enough…’

(Our Lady Peace- a good, solid Toronto band.  Hooray for CanCon!)

It’s also NaNoWriMo, and, wisely or not, I signed up for the first time.  As of last night I had 5375 words on the go.  Not sure how it will all come together- and whether any end result will be worth much of anything- but I’m thinking that the journey will be enough in itself- and it may provide the external discipline I seem to require to get back into the habit of writing some fiction.  The issue will be finding time to actually get some organization into the scattered regions of my brain that are set aside for creativity.  Of that, there is never enough.

I’m still debating whether or not to combine these two outlets of mine and publish excerpts from the fiction on this here non-fiction blog.  The melding of two worlds and all.  It’s all I can do to keep things properly sorted lately as it is.  So I’ll just play that by ear and take things as slowly and as calmly as I can, and try not to go too crazy (crazier?) with the dearth of time or with all the corruption and categorical deceit that seems to have become matter-of-course in all our various halls of power.

None of you would help me when I baked my bread
now all of you would help me eat it
 I can see that you are very well fed
this indicates that you don’t need it

 Enough said
Enough said
Stop and let me tell you what tomorrow holds for you
Stop and let me tell you ’bout a plan I have for you

 Take all the leaders from around the world
put them together in a great big ring
televise it as the lowest show on earth
and let them fight like hell to see who’s king

 Gather up the pieces when the fight is done
then you’ll find out living really can be fun

 The next thing I say to you will be true
the last thing I said was false
Remember to do nothing when you don’t know what to do

 You wanted a world you could figure out
but something happened while you were asleep
you wanted a good life you could brag about
too bad they took the parts you wanted to keep

 Enough said
Enough said
Stop and let me tell you what tomorrow holds for you
Stop and let me tell you ’bout a plan I have for you

 Take all the leaders from around the world
put them together in a great big ring
televise it as the lowest show on earth
and let them fight like hell to see who’s king

 Gather up the pieces when the fight is done
then you’ll find out living really can be fun

Thank you Devo.  Good, timeless and timely ideas.

For today, that’s all I’ve got.

Enough Said.


5 comments on “Enough said?

  1. bethbyrnes says:

    Congrats! That said, I have no idea what the stats on my blog are. I probably won’t look. As for your Mayor, no American dares say a word, given the circus clowns that are governing us these days. Thanks for your blog and your support of mine.

  2. Welcome back, old boy. Nice to hear from you again. Didn’t we gain an hour and not lose an hour? Or was I giddy from lack of sleep?

    Perhaps Mayor Ford is a distinguished graduate of the Marion Barry School of Mayoral Political Science and Public Administration (chemistry major). At least he’s not a porn star. Maybe.

    As for meaningful, cerebral, and fulfilling endeavours, you are more that welcome to join me in my quest to defeat the Matriarchy. Or, as I refer to it in my forthcoming book (January), the Evil Sisterhood.

    The sequel will demonstrate how ideological feminism is a gender narcissistic subset of Christopher Lasch’s “The Culture of Narcissism,” after which Lasch’s work gets unified with Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” for some sobering implications. Ye Olde New Dark Ages. Go long on iron maiden futures.

    Doesn’t sound as if you have anything better to do. }:-)> Might even be a beer or two in it.

    • colemining says:

      Lol. We gained the hour indeed, but I hate it when it gets dark so early in the evening, so I always feel as though I’ve lost the hour at this time of year.
      I’m not sure that I’d be the proper consultant for your subject matter, but I wish you the best in your endeavour and look forward to hearing about your progress. I shall continue tilting at my own windmills.
      I should hope Ford doesn’t have a hidden porn career- but thank you for that mental image regardless.
      Thanks for reading.

  3. […] I said yesterday, while our political leaders are presenting a picture of a tidy, economically prosperous, house, […]

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