iPod halo

Seriously.  Starting to think that either a) my iPod is haunted, or b) my iPod is developing a personality and bizarre sense of humour.

Last night I walked downtown to meet a few friends for drinks and conversation.  One of the greatest thing about this city lies in the interesting walks that one can take.  You can get a real sense of the diversity of the City in as little as a 30 minute walk around the downtown core.

Anyway… I set out for my walk just as the clouds were becoming foreboding.  The humidity level had been building all day and a storm was definitely on its way.  I was hoping to make it to the restaurant before it hit.

As is usual when I head out to perambulate, I had the headphones in and the Shuffle on.  This was the playlist that came up:

1) Toto- Africa

A nice song, but important for this story because of the first line of its chorus: “I bless the rains down in Africa”

2) Duran Duran- Hold Back the Rain.

3) Marc Cohn- Walking in Memphis.

Again, for a line in the song: “Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues in the middle of the pouring rain.”

4) Skydiggers- Just Before the Rain

5) Boomtown Rats- Dave.  Okay, this one isn’t as obvious.  It was an interesting song to have pop up, given the post  I had finished that afternoon.  But, in addition to being a lovely song about addiction and coping with loss, it fit with the particular song set for another reason.  The US distributor of In the Long Grass thought that a male vocalist singing to another guy might be problematic in the marketing department.  So the song was renamed Rain on North American editions of the album.  If you can find the video (no luck on the You Tube) it’s worth watching- if for no other reason than to see the terrible over-dub changing “Dave” to “Rain”.

I reached my destination before the iPod could throw me any more cheeky selections (I’m sure that Have You Ever Seen the Rain and A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall would have been up next) and, fortunately, before the rain actually started.

The odd coincidence of those songs being chosen as I rushed to outrun a storm can certainly be explained by some data collecting/”genius” feature that matches similar titles/content.  But experiencing it, as the banks of clouds got closer, was both amusing and a little unsettling.

Small, innocuous events like this can make it a little easier to understand how people can be susceptible to believing that such incidents of coincidence might be of supernatural origin.  Or inclined to imbue inanimate objects with supernatural powers.

2 comments on “AI?

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